Esketamine, or Spravato, is the first nasal spray medication that is a treatment for depression. Combined with an antidepressant, Spravato is FDA-approved to treat depression and has been clinically shown to improve symptoms of depression over just 4 weeks. Call us today to schedule a consultation and see if Spravato esketamine therapy is right for you. 

What to Expect

For the first month your Spravato treatment is twice weekly for 30 days, then once weekly for 30 days; thereafter it’s once weekly or every two (2) weeks.  

You’ll need to plan for rides to and from the office for your treatment. Because of possible side effects affecting mental alertness and motor coordination, you won’t be able to drive, operate machinery or do anything where you need to be completely alert until the day after a treatment session, following a restful sleep. To monitor for any adverse side effects, we will monitor you for two hours following treatment. 

Some patients taking Spravato may experience nausea or vomiting. You should avoid eating two hours before, and drinking liquids 30 minutes before treatment.

Is Spravato an Effective Treatment for Depression?

In clinical studies involving short- and long-terms trials across more than 1,700 adult patients, improvement of depressive symptoms was demonstrated at four weeks by Spravato treatment plus an oral antidepressant, compared with placebo nasal spray plus an oral antidepressant. These studies evaluated the efficacy and safety of Spravato, both short-term and long-term for up to one year, for treatment‑resistant depression.