Women's Center


Our CBH teams provide compassionate psychotherapy for all phases of life including life transitions, relationships, LGBTQ support, postpartum/antenatal depression, menopause, and retirement. We offer medication management services when appropriate. Alternative treatment options such as TMS and Spravato esketamine nasal spray are also available. At CBH, we collaborate to provide a team of support for you in your healing journey.

Life Transitions

Big or small, exciting or scary, change is part of each of our lives. Sometimes we make smooth transitions from one place to another or from one stage in life to the next. Other times the transition is a little shaky and we need some support. Our CBH staff can help you stand on solid ground as you navigate your life transitions and help you find joy in the challenge and growth those transitions can bring.

Adolescent Transitions

The ages of 10-12 can be a difficult time. Anxiety upon entering middle school is common for many adolescents as they begin to navigate a new environment. For those who are starting menses (menstruation or periods), dealing with body changes can add to an already stressful time of transition. If your child is struggling, or dealing with issues of anxiety, depression, or shame, we at CBH can help your child navigate these daunting stages of life.


Our lives are filled with relationships. When our close relationships are not healthy, our lives are constantly disrupted. Relationships with marriage partners, family members, roommates, even business associates, can usually use improvement. We at CBH can help you find the problem places, set goals and boundaries, hear each other, and make the next step forward.

LGBTQ Support

Struggling with who you are, how others view and treat you, or other issues related to your orientation? Comprehensive Behavioral Health is a caring, informed, and safe place. At CBH we have trained staff with special interest in supporting those in the LGBTQ community with both unique and not-so-unique human struggles.

Postpartum/ Antenatal Depression

New parenthood is both difficult and rewarding. If you find that the difficult is outweighing the rewarding, let us help. As many as 80% of women deal with anxiety and mood swings after the birth of a baby, but 15-20% actually experience postpartum depression. Whether you need someone to talk to, medication for the symptoms, or both, we can help. We also offer TMS therapy as an alternative treatment for those with treatment resistant depression. TMS is an off-label treatment for postpartum depression and insurance may not cover it.


Menopause is a normal part of aging, but it may not be easy. As estrogen levels reduce, physical symptoms like hot flashes and weight gain may occur, but mental health issues may arise as well. If you are experiencing insomnia, mood swings, difficulties with attention and memory, increased anxiety, or a recurrence of depression symptoms, don’t hesitate to call us. CBH can offer a knowledgeable ear as well as treatment options.



In our culture, retirement is often made to sound like a highly anticipated long vacation, but, in reality, it is something entirely different. Retirement can be as startling and confusing as it is exciting. Daily life is different and your purpose has changed. If you are struggling to come to terms with this new way of life and new identity, come and talk to us at CBH. We want to help you be comfortable with and excited about your new stage in life.